torsdag 29. juni 2017

My latest creations

Hello everyone..

Today I would like to show you a some of my latest creations.. With each creation you will find a link to their original blogpost.. (some are in Norwegian)

Using a die from the amazing Papirdesign this card came togheter..

I do love how simple this card is, and how it looks..

I have also done a video with this card.. and you can see it right her:

This next project is a box of spices turned into a little giftboxs..

The next project I have for you is a wishingwell.. this will also be a class from me using products from Papirdesign.

This was actuall a gift for a teacher of my daugheter who have helped her alot with her reading this year.. If you are interested in a class from me drop by my classsection...

The next creation I would like tho show you is four small simple cards that I did for Noor Design.. You will also find a simple step by step in the blog..

This is two card for Papirdesign that I had a lot of fun with...

They are almost like twins... and I do hope you find some inspiration in them..

On the inside you find a little pocket to give some money, og maybe a giftcard..

This is a small heartcard that I made for Noor Design... I used a die from Papirdesign and I just love how simple this was and how it came out.

Inside is just as simple..

And now on to a project I made together with my daughter.. we love to craft togheter and sometime we even make a video.. This is an example of this..

I hade to come up with something that was just as easy for her to do, as it was for me... And I got to say.. all the inspiration she gives me for playing along.. well that is just so fun...

They are really simple... and if you do not have the "waffel"die you can most likely use something else for the top. Inside there is a little card...

Below you can see the video of this project comping to life...

The last this I would like to show you is my small purses.. so simple and so fun to make.

Each purse is made out of a 6x6 card of paper (and that includes the card inside the purse).. got to love that right..

So I hope you had some fun looking at some of my latest creation.. there are more, but I do belive that would be to much.. even for you all...

Love LindasS

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