søndag 1. november 2015


Yesterday was Halloween, and I had some fun with my glimmermists, glaze and High Pigment from Tattered Angels earlier this week... (warning, there is a lot of pictures in this post) And if you follow down you will get a "small" step by step.
I made 4 small give away gifts and two tags, all at the same time..
The tags are made from the left overs on my messy sheet when I was done with the small gifts..
I started out with the mists, paint and glaze that I wanted to use.. and some tattered leather papers...
Cut the paper into four 6" x 6" and misted them with lots and lots of water..

Then I tapped on the different mists and glaze... and some more water... (so you need a paper that can handle all that water and misting.. )

Because this was for Halloween I needed lots and lots of orange.. so I used a heavy coat of that...

A bit more black (dropps) and turn and swirls the sheet as I dry..

When a little more dry I add lots of drops of glaze (without more water) and dry them right away..

Before it is all dryed I roll it up and dry in shape...

Then I use med glue gun to glue togheter..

Close one end, add candy and close other end...

Now on to my decorations on this ones.. Left over papers and som High Pigment paint in brown and black and some glimmer mists to add some life..

just look at that effect..

Now it is time to clean my craft sheet..

Mist the sheet with water and use one, two or more tags to clean it up..

Just look at that jummy effect..

From the paper I painted I cut out different kinds of diecuts.. just what I have and what I want..

And it was a lot...

And just add to the gifts and tags... simple as that ... all done..


Hope you got some inspiration..
Love LindaS
(PS, can`t wait to do a Christmas variation of this)


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