tirsdag 17. juli 2012

DT Scrap'a'Long

Yes as you may see from the topic, I have some wonderful news today (at least wonderful for me).. It has been real hard holdig this secret in I will tell you, because this is so big for me...

So if you want to drop by to see my presentation (in norwegian tho) you can find it right her, and I also hope that you will join the wonderful challange that is playing right now where the topic is as free as the summer

Her is a little summerfeeling AJ from me

Legger også denne inn på utfordringen til Bikuben som har Dylusionsuker nå

So I hope everyone will drop by Scrap'a'Long and take part in the challanges every month..

Love LindaSS

2 kommentarer:

  1. Velkommen på laget Linda - klem

  2. Kjempe kul side Linda! Fargerik og herlig! Takk for at du deltar!


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