tirsdag 31. mars 2015


This time the crew over at CCB (Canvas Corp Brands) where challanged to make invitations... and when you need to make invitations you usually need to make a few more then one... So I wanted to make them really easy, but still keep the feeling of me in them... 

and with the help of some Tattered Angels glimmer mist (you just got to love glimmer mist) and some 7.  gypsies paper (Pearl and Lace), a bit of canvas fringe (from Canvas Home Basic), a die, stencil, some distress ink, stickles, bazzill and a stamp it was fast, so much fun and so easy... 

The bazzill is cut into 3" x 6" bits, and the paper just a bit smaller than 3" x 3" (so that the bazzilledge shows on the card) Then I took the Distress Stickles on to my paper with my TCW stencil... I wanted the writing to match the writing already on the papers..

Dry it all the way, either let it airdry or use a heat gun.. And then it is time to start misting.. 

I started out with stone, then patina and in the end Pearl (dazzling diamonds and pearl are the two mists I use for just about anything) 

When you have all the layers of mists, dry it with a heatgun (or take a cup of coffee, go for a walk or something else and let i airdry)

When dry I went in with some Iced Spruce Distress ink on the edges...  got to say I just love how this turned out.. 

Took out my Joy die and cut out some leaf (from the same paper) and used some distress ink on it to match it more up to the background.

To stamp on I took out some left over fringe and a stamp from my own design by Scrapomania.no

and just like that I had all my parts done... You can do this with 5, 10, 15 or much more... once you cut out the paper, the rest is fast and so much fun... 

So stop on by the CCB blog and see all the wonderful things you can do with CCB (Tattered Angels, Canvas Home Basic and 7.gypsies)... and if you want to purchase some of the wonderful products from CCB (the mists, paper and canvas) just drop by the CCB shop, or ask your local shop to get them for you.. :D

Love LindaSS

søndag 15. mars 2015

Prosjektkit mars 2015

Da er det endelig 15. mars og et nytt prosjektkit kan se dagens lys.... dette er et utrolig herlig kit som gir skikkelig vårfølelse..
Hvis du vil bestille deg ditt eget kit gå bare inn her

Og her har du videopresentasjonen av kitet

Fra dette kitet har jeg kost meg glugg og laget sommerfulger.. perfekte til kort, til album og ja til det meste.. :)
Her kan du finne en enkel mal til din sommerfugl

Og her har du videoen av hvordan min sommerfugl ble til

Deltar på følgende utfordringer med denne sommerfuglen
Card and Scrap

Klem LindaSS

tirsdag 10. mars 2015

Tattered Tangles

Hey everyone

Today I am so lucky as to blogging for the wonderful Canvas Corp Brands (CCB) and I would love to show you a tag I made for our crew challange featuring Tattered Tangles... amazing paper to play with... love how the mists play on it... 
You can get them in many different designs, and also as packs with cut out designs... just check right her in the CCB shop

and this is how it was made.. 

This was my starting poin... and that was the colors I wanted to play with.. two different blues, one dazzling diamonds and tattered leather (brown)

Started out by attatching the fringe to the cut out tag... mising all the colors (mostly brown).. Misted both the tag and the tattered tangles qouat that I had cut out..   Just see how amazing the mists work on the paper... I am in love...... I distressed the edges of the quote before I misted.. and that is why the edges are darker brown... 

My flowers got some distress on the edges before I misted with the dazzling diamonds (pearl is also amazing for this)... 

I cut out some things using dies, and painted them with high impact brown before a light coat of dazzling diamonds..

The finished result

Got to say I just love love that quote

So drop by the CCB blog and leave your love to all of the designers... 

Love LindaSS

fredag 6. mars 2015

Ny utfordring fra Korthobby

Hei alle sammen...

"this is for a blogpost for a norwegian store so this text is only in norwegian.. if you have any questions just ask"

Denne runden er det så enkelt som at alt er lov... så da er det bare å sette igang.. husk reglene om at skal du levere bidrag til Korthobbys utfordringer må det være minst en bit metall fra Korthobby.no

Som du ser har jeg både bilen og smokken fra Korthobby.. er de ikke bare supersøte... 

Denne esken kommer jeg også til Scraopmania på Moa i Ålesund for å holde kurs i den 11. april.. og det er fortsatt ledige plasser... Meld deg på i butikken eller til meg (FB eller her) Pris kr. 250,- Ønsker du at jeg skal komme til deg å holde kurs bare ta kontakt...

Klem LindaSS